Yes ! We believe the world will always need more healthy and economic options ! Before launching our new line of raw energy, nutrient packed protein bars, Chapabars, we sat down and thought deeply about this question…

Before jumping to answer, first let’s look at the difference between the different bars on the market and their respective categories:

Energy Bars – these bars have enough calories, which usually come in the form of carbohydrates, to supply the body with the right amounts of energy to help them get through the day. These are great for people with an active lifestyle and for those who would like to keep their metabolisms.

Meal Replacement Bars – these are bars made specifically to replace daily meals without sacrificing the vitamins and minerals that they usually get from eating regular meals.  

Protein Bars – these are bars made to supply large amounts of proteins for athletes and those who are trying to build some muscles. These do not contain that many calories, vitamins, and minerals, but it makes up for the lack thereof with a strong punch of proteins. The main purpose of these bars is to help in the muscle building process of the body. Based on what the experts’ belief that muscles can be developed faster with the aid of protein consumption after exercise. In the absence of carbs, protein is also burned to supply the body with energy. Majority made of whey, these bars also contain other protein-rich ingredients such as casein and egg albumen.

Let’s see how they stack up compared to the most popular bars in its category . Identified by sales* and by Amazon we identified bars from Cliff, Larabar, RxBar Real, PowerBar, Kind. With much variation within each brand, we handpicked to be as consistent as possible.

In terms of Total Carbs,


If you are looking at the possibility of shedding those extra pounds, you may want to go for bars that have less than 30 grams of carbs.

Looking at the sugar content:


Considering sugars and other types of sweeteners can cause your glucose or blood sugar levels to skyrocket, in our Chapabars, the sweetness is kept to a minimum from the dates, no additional refined sugars or sweeteners are added. For other energy bar options on the market, you will want to stay clear of products that are made of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols.

In terms of Total Fat, 


To cater to those Keto and Paleo diets, we use saturated fats like coconut oil and fats in nuts in Chapabars.

And in terms of Fiber: 


And finally Protein


Instead of dairy or plant based proteins such as soy, hemp, brown rice or whey powder, the key ingredient in any Chapabar is our cricket powder. We also make heavy use of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews, as well as superfoods which are nutritionally dense foods that are extra (“ super”) beneficial for the human body such as matcha green and chia seeds. 

Now let’s look at the Macroratios:


Looking at the ratios, Chapabars provides a comparatively lower carb option:


With these macros, each Chapabars was made with less than 10 ingredients and is free of gluten, GMOs, grain, soy, dairy, refined sugars, genetically modified organisms, animal products, is kosher and packed with superfoods and micronutrients. Read about our ingredients here.


Given these nutritional benefits, we hope you enjoy them !  And because they taste  so good coupled with great a nutritional profile which makes you feel good, we offer an option without cricket powder for you to try which packs less of a protein punch. Reach out to us if that interests you !